“To be truly visionary we have to root our imagination in our concrete reality while simultaneously imagining possibilities beyond that reality.”

— bell hooks

Nautica, Dashyah and Dionna taking a break from working on the future home of our neighborhood coffee shop.

Nautica, Dashyah and Dionna taking a break from working on the future home of our neighborhood coffee shop.


Our Story

Since 2009 we have been building our own programming and projects to address a variety of identified local needs and have hosted and sponsored several initiatives developed by people in our community. Through collaboration and creative thinking, Dream City Works creates training and employment, property improvement, educational, social and public art opportuni­ties for the residents of Wilkinsburg with a particular focus on the Ward One/Hunter Park/Park Triangle neighborhood. We are creating frameworks of employment and shared resources that empower primarily people of color, youth, women, and artists. Our programs are led by and employ primarily Wilkinsburg residents. The ambition of this nonprofit is to contribute to the physical, emotional, environmental and financial health and agency of current residents of our neighborhood in Wilkinsburg. 

We work to build independent cultural infrastructure in our neighborhood by cultivating a dynamic ecology of innovative educational and cultural programs, creative projects, small business enterprises and community initiatives.

— Dream city works mission


Located in the Hunter Park Triangle neighborhood of Wilkinsburg, PA, Dream City is a not-for-profit catalyst for dynamic and innovative educational, cultural, environmental and creative projects, and small-scale neighborhood enterprises and initiatives. While created formally in 2019, its founder – Wilkinsburg artist Dee Briggs - has successfully launched signifi­cant creative, environmental and cultural projects and programs operating independently in the neighborhood since 2009. Located in Wilkinsburg’s former Fire Station No.2 and with initiatives in the former Fire Chief’s residence, Dream City carries on the long tradition of these two build­ings serving the community.